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The SRHR is a right that has been guaranteed in various international and regional human rights bodies as well as national and regional policies. Our approach as an organization has been to advocate against harmful cultural practices like female genital mutilation, forced marriages and rape. The constitution of Kenya 2010 has criminalized this practices and for the first time guarantees the right to health care including the reproductive health rights. What we are doing to address this challenge is provision of information on SRHR. We are striving to provide education on sexual and reproductive health rights through our KNOW IT program where we train and capacity build eight girls every single month from different regions within Garissa county. We have chosen to train a small number of girls every single month because we believe in allowing girls to spearhead in their own intervention and so these eight girls each one of them will be responsible in educating ten more girls on matters of sexual reproductive health rights, giving a total of 88 girls who have knowledge on SRHR every single month. .


FGM involves partial or total removal of the female genitalia, or any other cutting to the female genitalia that is for a non medical reasons. There is no health benefits associated with FGM and it has been deemed as a human rights violation. In 2011 the government made FGM unlawful through the female genital mutilation act, this not only criminalized for adolescent girls but for everyone. The organization through its young movers' program aims at training adolescent girls and community leaders simultaneously on advocacy against FGM. We are using traditional poems to pass on the message against the act. The poems will be composed by both adolescent girls and traditional leaders with this we hope to break the intergeneration gap and allow both the young and the old speak against FGM.


This is a project that is being supported by Danida which is the dutch embassy and the lead partners are PS Kenya and GVRC, the project is a sexual and reproductive health project that aims at attaining zero gender based violence, zero preventable child mortality and zero unmet need of contraception. we are anticipating to reach more than 400 direct beneficiaries with this project. COVID 19 Provision of sanitizers and facial masks to underprivileged and women at risk of contacting the disease, we also sensitize the community on the importance of maintaining social distance and following the ministry of health protocols

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Our leadership center we will be able to provide motivation talks on improving of mindset and how to be a go-getters in life



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Current Situation

In this period of ongoing uncertainty due to the effects of Covid 19 on the economy, many families are struggling with financial instability due to job losses, cuts, the decline of businesses, and fear of the impact of this pandemic on households. Over four-million, Kenyans have lost their jobs or sent on unpaid leave. This has left many girls and young women financially vulnerable, leading to sexual exploitation, and in some cases has led to girls been commodified at home to ease financial burdens.