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Girls Leadership & Development

Leadership academies Life long learning practices. This three-day training workshops equips the adolescent girls with skills and knowledge on how to evolve into strong community leaders wherever they go. It will also enable them have the ability to find solution to their own problems.

Career symposiums

Our young adolescent leaders after graduating from the academy will also receive a one-day training on career development. This is a powerful space for both the girls and our mentors to share and learn, the girls will be motivated and brought to their career paths.

Get Involved


Our leadership center we will be able to provide motivation talks on improving of mindset and how to be a go-getters in life



We have created a platform where you can mentor and encourage our girls in aiming higher and helping them succeed.

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Contact us and be part of growing community as we reach out to the marginalized pastoral girls

Current Situation

In this period of ongoing uncertainty due to the effects of Covid 19 on the economy, many families are struggling with financial instability due to job losses, cuts, the decline of businesses, and fear of the impact of this pandemic on households. Over four-million, Kenyans have lost their jobs or sent on unpaid leave. This has left many girls and young women financially vulnerable, leading to sexual exploitation, and in some cases has led to girls been commodified at home to ease financial burdens.